About Us

Our Mission Statement

“Iphone¬†Ipad Summit¬†aims to provide an honest, reliable, cost-effective solution to the consumer and corporate sectors for all their Apple needs.”

The majority of our team have been appreciating the wonders of Apple for well over a decade now. We are a highly skilled and enthusiastic team, between us there is very little we haven’t experienced or come across with regards to Apple products. Our team are Apple to the core and as well as using, supporting and training on Apple all day long, a prerequisite of working for us is that you live, breathe and sleep Apple and so their personal lives are also based around the wonders of Apple.

We are based solely online, for our personal customers all items are sent via Special Delivery allowing for a fast, insured and secure method of transfer of your repair. For our business customer,s we come to your site to provide consultation, support and training. Being an online business helps us to keep costs down for our customers as our overheads are significantly lower than a lot of our competition.

Our vision for the future is bright, we are already seeing Apple taking over the mobile phone and mobile computer market for the personal and business customer. With the advent of this people are embracing the Apple way by purchasing Apple computers more and more. We are seeing growing numbers of businesses replacing their existing Smart phones with the iPhone and workstations with Mac’s. We are already in place, expanding and ready to support the USA’s Apple needs.